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Purpose Action Success

Competitions Policy & Terms of Entry


The below PAS Competitions Policy & Terms of Entry is applicable to the seller, PAS > PURPOSE ACTION SUCCESS only (hereafter known as PAS). All other sellers who sell their goods or service through the PAS Marketplace, known as independent PAS Sellers or PAS Vendors, have their own Competition policies as is applicable to their unique store. When you purchase an item or service from a PAS Seller, please consult their Competition policy.
The below PAS Competition Policy & Terms of Service applies to competitions held by PAS > PURPOSE ACTION SUCCESS, hereafter known as PAS / contest holder.

Table of Contents

1. About PAS Competitions

a. PAS Competitions can be in any format as applicable to the specific competition being held by PAS > Purpose Action Success. PAS Competition types such as lucky draw or exclusive prizes, and so on.

2. Agreement to Terms

a. By entering a PAS Competition you are agreeing to the competition terms and conditions at all times.

b. Terms and conditions is at the discretion of PAS, and may change if needed by the contest holder.

3. Eligibility to Enter

a. Information about who can enter a PAS Competition will be indicated on the PAS Competition information page.
b. All entrants to a PAS Competition need to be over 18-years of age.
c. PAS Team members and family members of Team Members are NOT eligible to enter nor claim any prizes.
d. By entering the PAS Competition, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and that you will be able to claim a prize that you have won.


4. Minimum Entry

a. All entrants may enter ONE (1) entry per PAS Competition, unless otherwise stated on the competition page.

5. Competition Fee

a. A competition fee is at the discretion of the contents holder, PAS. Check the competition page for information on entry fees.

6. Entry Method

a. The entry methodology for each PAS Competition might differ. View and read all the information provided on the page of the competition that you are interested to enter, for more information.
b. PAS can not be held responsible for incorrect contact details provided, or incomplete or inaccurate information.
c. In the event that incorrect information is provided, and the contest holder can not get in touch with the winner of a prize, will be prize be forfeited and allocated to the next-in-line winner.

7. Winners & Winnings (Prize)

a. The prize allocated for a PAS Competition is at all times at the discretion of the contest holder, PAS. And might change or be altered at any time in the event that such is needed.
b. Winners will be informed of their prize and winnings on a particular date. And the contest holder, PAS, will attempt to contact the winner via email for a maximum of up to two times within a 7-day period.
c. Should the winner not respond to the email to claim their prize within 7-days, then they lose the right to the prize, and the contest holder reserves the right to choose a new winner.
d. The prize (winning) is NON-Exchangeable, NON-transferable, and no cash alternatives will be offered.
e. The contest holder, PAS, reserve the right to substitute prize(s) with another prize if circumstances beyond the content holder control make it necessary to do so.
f. The decision regarding winner(s) and prize(s) are final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

8. Late Entries

a. Entries submitted after the closing date of the PAS Competition will NOT be accepted.
b. All entries to PAS Competitions need to be submitted before or on the final day of the competition.
c. Entries close 12 AM IST.

9. Prize Delivery

a. A Competition Prize(s) will be delivered as per the content holder arrangement, and a delivery fee might apply to certain prizes.
b. Kindly allow time for your prize to be delivered.

10. Data Protection & Publicity

a. You consent to any personal information you provide when entering a PAS competition to be used by the contest holder, PAS, for the purposes of administration of the competition, draw, and publicity.
b. Winnings and winners will often be announcement publicly, via social media, or any other method by the contest holder, and you agree to have your personal details be used by the contest holder for these announcements and publicity.
c. Any other personal information will be used as per the PAS Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Limitation of Liabity(ies)

a. PAS and its Affiliate Ambassadors make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to PAS Competitions and prizes, including without limitation, any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
b. In the event where a PAS Competition has to be cancelled, the contest holder can do so at any time.
c. The contest holder, PAS, can not be held liable for any damage, loss, injury or dissapointment suffered by any entrants when entering a PAS Competition.
d. The contest holder, PAS, do NOT provide any form of IT support, email support, or practical support for a prize(s).
e. Once winner receives prize, all responsibility related to any warranty of the item are that of the prize winner.
f. The contest holder, PAS, reserve the right to amend or cancel the competition at any time, or update terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.
g. All prize information will be in English.